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"In a sunlit tavern, in a corner booth sucking stale popcorn, there I met dear Ruth. She’d only just lost the baby, seven months and a week, drank a month of Seagrams, kissed me on the cheek."

« If you mix the mashed potatoes and sauce, you can’t separate them later. It’s forever. The smoke comes out of Daddy’s cigarette, but it never goes back in. We cannot go back. That’s why it’s hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible. »

- Mr. Nobody (via lydiamartnz)


you are my laptop

my only laptop

you make me happy

when the skies are grey

you’ll never know dear

how much i love you

so please dont take

the charger 


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Sufjan Stevens // The Predatory Wasp Of The Palisades is Out To Get Us!

I can’t explain the state that I’m in
The state of my heart, he was my best friend

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Okay… That’s it… I think I’m going to set this as my alarm on my phone so I can feel like I’m waking up in heaven on a daily basis.

There’s just something about children’s choirs.

There’s just something about this song

Okay, let me tell you a thing about this song. My mother is a nurse in the NICU with small premature babies. and she had one baby that was born addicted to 5 different drugs. Needless to say, the poor baby had to suffer through intense withdrawals, and my mom discovered that this song was incredibly soothing for the baby while he went through all of his pain. She would play this during his rougher patches, and it would calm him down. So yes, there is something about this song. 


“This unique watch stops time – for a time. Unlike Death, time moves on. Those who have stood still with time move on also – unless they’re dead.”


This unique watch stops time – for a time. Unlike Death, time moves on. Those who have stood still with time move on also – unless they’re dead.”



All of the Divine Instruments in Okami.

The Reflectors: Divine Retribution, Snarling Beast, Infinity Judge, Trinity Mirror and Solar Flare.

The Rosaries: Devout Beads, Life Beads, Exorcism Beads, Resurrection Beads and Tundra Beads.

The Glaives: Tsumagari, Seven Strike, Blade of Kusanagi, Eighth Wonder and Thunder Edge.

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The Real Folk Blues - Cowboy Bebop Soundtrack


{ mountains and the lake }
-pragser wildsee, june 2014-


It’s very nice, but can it hack turrets and open safes?

"My thoughts with this build is to try an create a PC case mod that has some of the items from the game that people will recognize, yet look like it could be from the game. Of course there were no ATX cases in Fallout 3 but hopefully I can make the Thermaltake s41 Urban case like it it was taken right out of the game.

One of the hard parts will to make it look like it something from the 50’s and from a apocalyptic time. Grabbing some clues from the game like the old over sized control stations will help.”